Top Notch real estate services

Our service offering includes;
  • Premium Real Estate Listings (Shortlets, Rent & Sale)
  • Real Estate Advisory/Consultancy
  • Facility Management
  • Home/Office Cleaning 
  • Interior Design/Furnishing
  • Home Automation
  • Architectural Design/Visualization


Premium Real Estate Listings (Shortlets, Rent & Sale)

Find luxury houses and apartments available for shortlet, rent or sale in choice locations in Lagos and Abuja.

Real Estate Advisory/Consultancy

You can book a consultancy session to get expert advice on your real estate project.

Facility Management

 Let’s help maintain your property and keep it in top condition to ensure maximum returns always. 

Home/Office Cleaning

We offer professional post-construction cleaning, disinfection & fumigation services for homes/offices.

Interior Design/Furnishing

Our interior design arm, Pro-Earth Furnish is poised to give your space a facelift you never imagined possible.

Home Automation

Control your home/office right from your phone or tablet and monitor activities from anywhere you are.

Architectural Design/3D Visualizations

Let’s help you visualize your building project and make you see what it will look like with our photorealistic 3D architectural renderings.